Plan B

by Gilbert Keith

So I came up with a few ideas for things we can do to simulate the social experience of Ragnar in the event that our registration does not work out. I hope this is helpful. 🙂 There’s lots to do hereabouts, and I don’t want you folks to leave disappointed if the whole Ragnar dealio doesn’t work out.


Option 0.

The “Easy” option. We can run around Lake Sammamish/Washington/Union. Sammamish has a nice trail along the lake (20 + miles) and it connects with Lake Washington. Lk Washington does not have a continuous trail, so it’s a little more tricky.) Union is tiny, but probably has the best views of Downtown Seattle.





Option 1.

We can do a relay up Mount Rainier. The mountain is super close to Seattle and has excellent running and hiking trails. Lots of elevation changes here as well, but you are not starting at as high a base… somewhere like 2500 feet. The mountain is amazing and there is plenty to see along the road that goes through the National Park… waterfalls, meadows, cool geological features, you name it. Requires National Park pass. I have one which can accommodate 4-5 people total, but otherwise it’s $25/vehicle I think. Small price for tons of fun.


Option 2.

It is somewhat challenging to find lots of flat trails in the Seattle area (there are just so many darn mountains!) We could do a “mini” relay along the Olympic Discovery Trail ( We would start from Discovery Bay and make it to Port Angeles, then turn around. Or if you are feeling super adventurous, we can make it to the Pacific Coast (does involve some strenuous uphill at parts though I can volunteer for that.) This would also be super close to the Seattle area (1 hr drive) but of course I haven’t vetted out this course for closures, etc. Here’s a fun Strava Segment I created:

Option 3.

We can do a relay along the rim of Crater Lake in Oregon. I was down there in early May and there was still a lot of snow on the ground so the rim access roads were closed. They are open now. The rim road is 30+ miles in length so we could do four person relays. Note: the gym is at an elevation of 7000 ft give or take and lots of ups and downs so you would have to be ready for this kind of thing. Also Crater Lake is in central OR, which is a reasonably long drive away so takes a while to get there. Not unlike Blaine WA where we have to go for the start of Ragnar. Same note about National Park pass applies here.