Meaning in running #693

by Gilbert Keith

Proud of this gentleman:

I have a very unique situation in that I am currently on  parole.  I’d like to make it clear that my time incarcerated was due to non-violent crimes as the result of addiction.  Anyway the way this affects my time management is that I have a curfew in effect from 8 pm to 8 am.  I have a job in manual labor so my day starts early and I can usually get home in plenty of time to run before curfew.  Sometimes I work some overtime that means I walk in the door at 630 after a 12 hour day and have to run right back out the door to make it back by 8.  Once in a while I have to choose between going out to dinner with family or going on my run.  It’s been tough but running is saving my life so I make it work however I can.