June running goal

by Gilbert Keith

I’d been up to speed with my 100 mile/month running goal through April. But I started slacking in May. I’ve been chalking it off to the fact that I ran the marathon earlier this month. Also the weather in Houston has been awful lately… lot of rain, super humid, yadda yadda.

I’m at 437 miles a of today. I could, with some dedicated running, get it up to 460 by end of month. 470 if I’m being super ambitious. But that requires a lot of things to work out, the last of which is favorable weather.

460 will put me 40 miles below goal for the year. And now that I realize I have a tendency to take it easy after a race, I’m going to similarly take it easy after the TC marathon in October. So by the end of the TC marathon I should be at 1025 miles, give or take.


Countdown timer courtesy of this website.

540 miles over 125 days, give or take. That’s exactly 30 miles per week. That’s quite a bit lofty.

No slacking! I need someone to keep me honest. I seriously cannot plan major travel during the next few months. Or if I do, then I have to plan the running around travel.