Your Health Care: From Sleep to Sensors- At a Glance – At A Glance – WSJ

by Gilbert Keith

Today, “how many hours do you sleep?” is one of the very first questions I ask during an initial consultation. While there are many reasons people are chronically exhausted, smartphone use deserves a special mention. When I ask new patients if they sleep with their phone on or in their bed, they usually nod. When I ask if they have ever been awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call, text or email, they nod again. Few say they turn it off or put in silent mode when they finally turn off the light. They tell me it is the last thing they touch before they go to bed and the very first thing they touch in the morning.

I’ve had a hard time sleeping the last several days. Perhaps this is why. And I’m only exacerbating the problem right now. Le sigh.