The billionaire boys’ club: How college students and Wall Street are thinking alike

by Gilbert Keith


A year ago, Unity College in Maine became the first school to divest from the energy companies whose bottom line depends on digging up and burning enough coal, gas, and oil to make climate change even worse.

“The campaign has some serious potential,” wrote Gristback then, “but we shouldn’t expect a social movement to coalesce and achieve results in just a couple months — we’ll only be disappointed when it doesn’t.” The article went on to quote Angus Johnson, an assistant professor at the City University of New York and a historian of student organizing. “If you actually take the apartheid example seriously,” said Johnston, “it’ll be a PR war for the next 20, 30 years.”

A year after the campus divestment movement took off, seven colleges have pledged to divest, as well as 18 churches, 22 cities, and a few major environmental nonprofits, like the Sierra…

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