2014 Running Goals

by Gilbert Keith

Since there was a reddit thread where you were encouraged to post goals (and since writing down goals helps plan better):

The first set of goals I really “want ” to achieve-1.Run a race that is longer than a Half Marathon. Either a 25 K or a 30 K. No goal times, just finish.

2. Run 3 half marathons.

2. a Run at least 2 of them under 2 hours.

2. b At least one of them will be a trail event.

3. Run at least 8 months at 100+ mi/month.

3. a. Run at least 2 of those months at 120+ miles.

4. Run at least 1 week per month at 40 miles.


The below are “reach” goals. I don’t want to concentrate on them, but I’ll attempt them at least once during the year.

1. Run a sub 50 min 10 K.

1. a. Run a sub 48 min 10 K.

2. Run a sub 25 min 5 K.

2. a. Run a sub 23 min 5 K.



That’s all I have, really. Pretty simple.