People who post in the Harvard Business Review blogs are trolls

by Gilbert Keith

“In the world of early-stage food startups, two heroes have emerged: There’s Costco, which gives small entrepreneurs the power of bulk buying. And there’s Whole Foods, which connects entrepreneurs with customers. Both of these big businesses empower small start-ups.


In start-up world, every penny matters, and getting more for less is a win.

Costco offers food entrepreneurs a way to buy like the big guys: when you have limited resources of money, buying power, and manpower, you can come to one place and use the power of Costco to get many of the benefits of a bulk buy without the need to truly buy in bulk or negotiate with supply chain vendors.


Now that you’ve secured your supplies, it’s time to look upstream for customers. In food startups, that means selling to a grocery store chain.  And over the last few years, Whole Foods has emerged as the go-to spot for the startup entrepreneur. Why? Because Whole Foods strives to source 25% of its products at the local level, so buying from regional, often small and new companies, is actively encouraged.”

Should I not be surprised that the “Local” food movement has moved on from “foods produced by local purveyors using ingredients sourced locally” to meant not only “foods produced by local purveyors but devil may care where it is sourced?”

Do people actually pay money for this shit?