Total toll revenues for cars crossing into the bay area.

by Gilbert Keith

$642 M total in 2011-12? That seems really low!

via Bay Area Toll Authority – Tolls and Traffic.

For the typical automobile, a $5 toll is collected — a $1 base toll, $1 for Regional Measure 2 and a $3 seismic retrofit surcharge. The toll schedule for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is different during weekdays when congestion pricing is in effect. Multi-axle vehicles pay a higher base toll with the toll determined by the total number of axles on the roadway in a vehicle combination. The complete toll schedule, can be found on BATA’s website.

In fiscal year 2011-12, approximately 123.67 million vehicles crossed the seven state-owned toll bridges in the Bay Area, generating approximately $642 million in total toll revenues — including $139 million in base toll revenues, $116 million in Regional Measure 2 revenues and $387 million in seismic retrofit surcharge revenues.