Mindboggling Schizophrenia

by Gilbert Keith

That is probably the first thought that comes to mind when describe this city.

On the one hand, I walked past scores of mentally deranged individuals, victims to addiction, unrecoverable from the lowest depths of existence.

On the other, I walked past apartments, car-dealerships, restaurants, coffee-shops that breathed an air of opulence.

Sometimes, this contrast is to be found within a few blocks, the affluent parts separated from their abject counterparts by seemingly nothing save for some real estate broker’s bet on the valuation of a particular property.

Manhattan was mostly breathing arrogance and affluence when I visited it. Brooklyn and Queens were still fairly interesting. I can’t say I’ve been to Staten Island or Long Island. The kind of despair that I talk of here in SF, I’m sure it was there in the parts of NY I haven’t been to. I’m sure it is no different from parts of Mumbai.

But San Francisco… it’s today’s El Dorado, yeah? The land of people with ideas, ambitions, dreams? The land of VCs and Angel Investors ready to pour their money on the next big thing.

Of course, contradictions are inherent everywhere. I should give the city a little more time.