Road Trip Musings 002

by Gilbert Keith

Looking Backward: 2000-1887 –

“A grand program for National control of capital, legislated by no-one, administered by a merito-technocracy which has solved all problems with labor-organization, production, distribution… all encapsulated in a…. Love-story?






I need to make this road-trip again. The next time, I would stop along major overlooks at  the Lewis and Clark trail, probably. Will have to research the exact spots a bit.


Montana is goddamn long. I drove through 446 miles of Montana today. 446!


I have now driven through 6 states in this trip. I think the only time I’ve driven through more has been when I went to Richmond, VA for that VCU open trip.


I have been recording videos of the trip. They’ve mostly been videos of the scenery, mostly. However, I’ve also been adding some commentary whenever I feel like, and I’ve noticed a bunch of weird things about the way I talk.

* I have this weird accent. I usually don’t speak that way when I read off a script (I’ve recorded myself reading a bunch of pages of Dead Souls, so I know.) But I’ve somehow developed the awkward Telugu-English accent.
* I say umm or ‘aaaah’ a lot more than I should. It comes from not liking pauses in speech. I’ve found it to be a sign of weakness if I’m searching for words, and seem to have resorted to filling in the pauses with random nonsense. I should learn to accept those pauses.
* I sometimes speak really fast, which seems to induce more time for the mental pauses/calculation.


1700 goddamn miles. That’s approximately how much I’ve driven over the last two days. Looking forward to taking a break for 3 days.


For the first time ever, I got pulled over today. Got pulled over for ‘jerky movements’ or whatever. Got away with a warning… not that I was speeding, but I did react to seeing a cop, and hastily changed lanes. Ah well. This is the first time in ~60,000 miles.


There’s a cash-crop called “timothy” – seems like some kind of grass. There seem to be a bunch of crops that grow in Eastern Washington along I-90. Apparently the Columbia basin is also a large potato-producing area.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay from Anderson Hay

Timothy Hay is an exceptional roughage and fiber source. It is a late-maturing bunchgrass with a relatively low protein and high fiber content. The long stem and consistent quality allows good consumption and provides good conditioning for dairy cows. For many years, Timothy hay has been well known and widely used in the race horse industry as well. The product was discovered by race horse owners as their premium feed for award winning Kentucky Derby horses.