Hell hath no fury

by Gilbert Keith

Like Gautam scorned. Especially when the route I’m planning on taking for a long run has some stupid construction going on, and rerouting means adding a few extra miles. Not cool.

I was planning on running 16 today. Ended up running about 13.5 and walking about 3. Took it really slow, though. It was nice and sunny… though a little windier than I would have liked. Wearing a light jacket was a good idea.

I need to start remembering to carry some kind of nutrition in addition to water to fuel me through the last few miles. I am pretty sure that if I start well-hydrated, I can do 13 miles on not-too-much water (no more than 6 oz in 50 deg weather; probably 12-15 oz in 70 deg weather) but I really start feeling the depletion in the muscles at that point. Perhaps a granola bar or some of that GU stuff is in order.