Finally overcame goal time.

by Gilbert Keith

I ran the Twin Cities 10 Miler today.

My friend Stephen was actually registered, but he’d signed up for the Marathon, too. I ran the 10 M in his stead.

I finished in 1:25:55. Since I didn’t actually have a chip (they’d DQ Stephen if I did that) I calculated it by netting from the gun finish time minus the start time of someone around me. 1:25:55 amounts to a round 8:35 per mile. I’m pretty happy. My goal was 9:00 pace, i.e. 1:30:00 total.

This is where I would have stood with the 1:25:55 finish. Compared to others, I’d have finished at about 2275/8554… Just short of the top 1/4th. This is pretty awesome.

Approximate Finish

I was definitely helped by the fact that at least 50% of this run was right along my old hunting grounds (E/W River Parkway.) I was pretty happy with how I ran the hills on the parkway. At the 5 mile split, the gun time was 48:38… which comes out to a net time of about 42:45. The second half, which was supremely flat along Summit avenue I ran in 43:10.

Course Map

Course Map

The best signs I saw:

* “Nice Butt”

* “Don’t Poop your pants!” (the poop was graphically depicted as a steaming pile of shit)

* “Run Bitches”

* “Never trust a fart!”

Here are some pictures (Thanks to Gaurav):

It's only the dew on my head. I'm not an old man.

It’s only the dew on my head. I’m not an old man.

Ready to eat the capital

Ready to eat the capital

Hooray, I'm done

Hooray, I’m done

Getting Ready

Getting ready as I exit the car!