The culture of living it large

by Gilbert Keith

I seem to run into articles like these fairly often… the theme is: large city in an emerging market becomes momentairly hip, opens shopping malls which attract newly-minted millionaires from nearby areas, has a thriving luxury market that somehow also seems to attract a vibrant creative class…

It seems to me that these are all short-lived and fake episodes of prosperity. I say short lived because no one ever tries to follow up whether, say, two years down the road, the cluture is similarly thriving. These articles tend to appear in travel magazines (my experience has predominantly been with Delta’s sky mag)… perhaps that’s so because the frequent flyers who are racking up the diamond status points or whatever want to hear about lala – lands where things are more happening than in the current plane they’re stuck in. Or maybe it’s that magazines churn out so many of these articles now, they need to find new, interesting content to wrote about.

Whatever… if this is the future that cities needing a revival are relegated to,  then so be it.  The true gems will be found long before some stupid magazine picks it up.
Word of Mouth: Belgrade: Industrial spaces and unused barges are transformed into floating bars, fashion boutiques and more in the Serbian capital