Installing Ubuntu

by Gilbert Keith

It’s about 3/4ths of the way into 2013, and I’m having trouble installing Ubuntu on a damn computer. It seemed to be way easier in 2006/07 when I was playing around with all sorts of disks, installing all sorts of distros, etc.

So far I’ve tried:

*installing the 32 bit server edition a crummy laptop. Not sure if the laptop is usable… I might have to reinstall windows on it.

*installing the 32 bit server edition on a PC I bought off craigslist yesterday. Surprise! The CD Rom drive is listed as overriding the hard disk in the boot options, but the CD in there doesn’t seem to be recognized.

*installing the 64 bit server on the PC. To be fair, this is actually what I should have been trying. I downloaded it last night, and tried to burn it to a disk…. I ended up wasting 4 discs in the process because of crappy error messages on CD Burner XP; now having worked with frequently troubleshooting errors for a couple of years, I’ve learnt to appreciate a good error message.

Anyway, I tried to see if the error could be replicated with other applications used for burning discs. I tried the embedded windows disc burner, and got this. Still not helpful, but I gave up at this point.

As of a couple of minutes ago, I’ve created a bootable flash drive with the 64 bit server edition on it.

Gonna give that a shot.

Wish me luck!