The things some physical activity will do to you

by Gilbert Keith

Foremost, it seems, activity that involves exertion will make you less tired/sleepy.

I’ve been up since 330 AM this morning because I slept super early yesterday. I think I was out cold by 730 PM. So, I did what any sane person would do: read and work out.

I restarted reading The Man Who Loved Only Numbers – it is a book about the Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos written by Paul Hoffman. It has been pretty good – It got a little slow discussing the details of various prominent personalities of his time – Kurt Godel, Stanislaw Ulam, Albert Einstein. I’m definitely more about the life of Erdos, though. His highly productive nomadic lifestyle makes me crave for something similar.

Anyway, the workout in the morning was actually pretty fun; just some jumping jacks, planks, pushups, etc. Enough to get some blood pumping. Working out in the morning makes me super hungry, though, and I haven’t figured out how to avoid making poor decisions with breakfast foods. For instance, at about 645 AM I had a relatively large bowl of cereal + milk + some protein, but within an hour of that I was craving more, and I ended up having some oatmeal and a large banana by 830. The fact that access is easy is one reason why I caved in. S’pose I just need to find some better way about it.

Then by 345 PM, I was super tired. Realize that by this point, I’ve already been up for 12 hours and have done a basic workout in the morning. Some coffee fueled me for the next two hours, and by 630, I was ready to leave work, planning on taking the day off. But then I felt bad, and by 700 PM, decided I’d do some hill running right outside of my house, giving myself an out if I didn’t feel like it.

Of course, ain’t no such thing as an out. I ended up doing the Whalen hill 3x. And did some planks after. And now, two hours later, I’m still wide awake. I’ve been up for for 18 hours now, why can’t I go to sleep?!