by Gilbert Keith

I find it somewhat annoying that despite having an i-pass, I find myself logging into the unwieldy ipass website, trying to figure out whether I ended up paying all the tolls or not.

I should just memorize the individual tolls at this point.

Beloit + Belvedere + Marengo/Elgin is $6.40.

DesPlaines is $0.75 one way.

IL-53 NB off 90 is $0.30

Touhy is $0.95 one way if I go to Evanston.

Getting onto SB 290 is $0.30. And if I’m smart about how I get to UChicago I can avoid subsequent tolls altogether!

Unfortunately I can’t game it any more. Imagine the horror of taking 90 thru Chicago for the express purpose of not paying tolls! What a nightmare.

Gautam Kandlikar