Supply Chains

by Gilbert Keith

I am reading this rando book on optimizing supply chains – I picked it up on a whim because it was free on the Kindle store.

On a side note, the list price for the hardcover version is about 80 dollars. Score?

Anyway, I start to browse info about supply chains randomly, and come across this nugget on wikipedia:

"The centroid near Dayton is particularly important because it is closest to the population center of the US and Canada. Dayton is within 500 miles of 60% of the population and manufacturing capacity of the U.S., as well as 60 percent of Canada’s population."

It seems to have been mentioned in the news story that Wikipedia cites… and seemingly nowhere else? The other "centroid" for the US is Riverside CA. But try looking up what makes Riverside so great for SCM – there is zilch available.

It’s just very weird how some of this gets "substantiated" and sticks around as fact/wisdom.

Gautam Kandlikar