Things I’ve been doing

by Gilbert Keith

1. Coding. I think I’ve pretty much fixed a couple of dev projects I may or may not have signed up for. It’s looking pretty good!

2. Watching Programming/Data Structures lectures from NPTEL.

Man, I’m in love with this concept of a Bengali professor patiently explaining the basics of problem solving:

I would highly recommend this for anyone with a curiosity about programming, problem solving, etc.

3. Getting used to having 3 laptops around. What can I say, life is tough.

The toughest part of it all is getting used to the keyboards.

* The Left control and Fn keys on thinkpad are swapped compared to non-thinkpads. It’s annoying!

* Not all keyboards have numpads.

* The chiral scrolling on the Thinkpads is awesome, although a little more difficult to get used to.

* The Thinkpad T430s moved their PgUp and PgDn keys around and it messes me up a bit.

4. Work took me to Connecticut last week, and it was pretty good. Albeit pretty tiring. I’m glad the trip wasn’t this weekend! I would almost certainly have been stuck in the snowstorm!

The shenanigans that went on during that trip:

"board flight with enough time to make connection.; watch flight sit in the same spot for 30 mins; miss connection, which is the last flight to our destination; decide we NEED to get to Hartford, find out flight to laguardia exists; get rebooked, find out flight delayed by a lot.; flight delay magically reduced by 1hr; land at laguardia at 145, rental car reservation magically exists; leave laguardia in a Canadian car that has a kmph speedometer and pay exorbitant tolls at whitestone br.; keep driving, reach new haven at 345 am. that was my wednesday night."

5. Work takes me to Chicago next weekend. Should be fun.

6. I’ve been spending more time in Coffeeshops downtown, sipping some coffee as I read books. I’m finishing up the Black Swan and The Worldly Philosophers.

7. I made chicken curry yesterday. But It didn’t turn out too hot (as in not very fun.) Oh well, time to keep trying.

Gautam Kandlikar