NERDERY: Mathematical Counseling for All Who Wonder Why Their Relationship Is Like a Sinus Wave

by Gilbert Keith

"The reactivity in the relationship model is based on four parameters: both partners have a personal history (their ‘past’), and a certain reactivity to their partner and his/her history. Depending on these parameters, different classes of relationships can be found: some seem doomed to break regardless of the partners promptness to one another while others are solid enough to always be stable. In the calculated models, stability occurs when both partners reach a stable level of satisfaction and the sinus wave disappears. The paper concludes that for a broad class of relationships, delays in reactivity can bring stability to couples that are originally unstable."

I guess the world is bracing for the onslaught of emotion that is Valentine’s day. I, on the other hand, continue onward with my unbridled nerdery.

Gautam Kandlikar