Whimsy at its finest

by Gilbert Keith


I saw this program on Netflix. It was enjoyable.

There’s so much kitsch in non-urban America… Random ketchup bottles, buildings shaped like geese; you name it, and invariably someone’s got it. I’ve been to one of the buildings highlighted in this show – which also happens to be on the page above – the corn palace in Mitchell, SD. I don’t remember too much of it, and I probably thought it was boring. Then again, my visit was immediately after a long drive through SD, so I was probably just sick of seeing more corn.

I’m not sure I’d go out and seek many such attractions; if one came upon my way I’d probably stop. I do have to admire the people who wake up every day to keep their projects chugging along. I find it hard to imagine that several years down the road, some of these buildings will continue to exist. But, as Mr. Dryden said, All human things are subject to decay.

Gautam Kandlikar