Hey it’s that thing from a couple of years ago

by Gilbert Keith


This has 50 million views. People really consume this stuff like crazy, huh?

When someone like Esther Dyson says this, you think you ought to give it some weight –

"Instead of producing food or housing for ourselves or for barter, we will be producing content and amusement for one another, without engaging in explicit (taxable) financial exchange. Yes, there is a so-called gift economy, but there is also an attention market that may not be fungible or priced – a distributed, many-to-many economy that harks back to the old days.

The economic and psychological implications of this are profound…most people gain self-esteem and mental health from doing something useful…But it may be a world in which people use their Klout Score (a measure of one’s online influence), their Twitter following, or a similar measure to justify their existence, assign value to their activities, and measure their self-worth."

[Read more at http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/the-rise-of-the-attention-economy-by-esther-dyson#gglMbLFsREy6k8MO.99

But then again, I would like to see this girl to calculate the NPV of the Klout score this video will produce for her, and barter it for a fairly valued supply of double-shot extra-hot no-added-sugar caramel soy lattes from her favorite coffee shop.


Gautam Kandlikar