Whence class?

by Gilbert Keith

So I wonder why Frank Sinatra is more popular among my friends than, say, Ray Charles. Most people I know seem to equate Frank Sinatra with classy (unless, of course, I put on some jazz record, in which case it is also classy, but lacks a face.) But, classy as Frank Sinatra was, his songs seem to be a lot more about lovey-dovey things. While that stuff is okay, it frankly gets annoying (sorry for the pun.)

Why isn’t someone who doesn’t always croon about love, say someone like Ray Charles not as popular as Frankie? Ray has a lot of records on the Mississippi breeze, the streets of New Orleans, etc., which don’t have a lovey dovey nature. They are not Why is he not classy?

My one thought was that there is a very palpable presence of Frankie in today’s world, and that presence is called Michael Buble. I know the ladies love him, and a non-trivial number would equate one with the other. Interestingly enough, both were around until not too long ago, so it’s not like Ray needs more time to mature into the canon of classiness either.

I think it’ll be apt to partake in some serious analysis of this matter. Hopefully some source will have ample recordings from either artist for my perusal.

Gautam Kandlikar