The world vs. Joy Cardin

by Gilbert Keith

The WPR morning programming is awful. It sucks so hardcore, I prefer listening to the idiocy that is Fish in the Morning. Joy Cardin, who runs the morning talk show, is pretty awful.

Yesterday evening, on my way back to work, I was listening to this talk where Jian Ghomeschi was interviewing Oliver Burkeman, the author of a recent book which does not have kind words for the contemporary “positive thinking” movements. Mr. Ghomeschi was light-hearted at various moments, but was quick to bring the topic back to the subject, and overall kept Mr. Burkeman very engaged.

The subsequent morning, to my joy, the same author was being interviewed on WPR. Mrs. Cardin. however, ddid nothing of that, as she is wont to do. Her questions are never coherent, never concise. It makes it hard for the interviewee to come to present his [pont in a cohesive manner. The flow is always broken, it’s dull, it’s uninteresting to listen to her.

Joy Cardin should go. Put anyone (ANYONE) in her stead, but, please, WPR, take her out.