The online payment system for the Illinois tollway

by Gilbert Keith

.. is horrendous. I thought I’d be saving some time blowing past the tolls and paying them online once I reached my destination, but this is not the case.

This is what you need to do to actually pay tolls online:

– Identify what toll plaza and how much monies in tolls you missed. You can do this via a “trip calculator” software or if you remember the plazas, you can look up the rates from a table

– Enter your personal and car information (this part of it is not a big deal)

– Manually enter in every single toll plaza, the direction in which you were traveling, the approximate time you drove by the toll plaza.

— Once you enter in a line item, you cannot edit said item if you notice a mistake. You literally have to cancel out of your progress and restart from scratch.

Instead what I should be able to do is:

– use the trip calculator software to enter my trip details. 

– with the click of a button, have my lines for the various tolls missed auto-populate.

– review my tolls and adjust the approximate times as necessary.

– Enter car and payment info and be done.

Of course, the above is probably a moot point now that I manned up and bought an IPass at one of those gas stations. It also saves you about 50% of the monies, so my Chicago trips will only cost about $10 in tolls as opposed to $20. Hooray.