The paucity of intellectual stimulation and rectifying the same

by Gilbert Keith

I had good fun throughout most of the winter 2011/12, though there were periods in Dec/Jan/Feb that were fairly exhausting. What with work-responsibilities peaking, lack of exercise (yes, lack of exercise can be exhausting) – there were relatively extended intervals in which I as not too happy.

The most noticeable consequence of the above was the relative paucity of cerebral activities, which left me a decidedly dull person. I didn’t read too much during this time period; didn’t really watch anything besides Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, a modicum of football/basketball/hockey, maybe some Bloomberg News… in short, nothing like the thrillers of Jean-Pierre Melville or Michelangelo Antonioni. No engagement of the intellect beyond basal levels as observed in connecting with a Barney Stinson bro joke, or musing over the monotony of basketball announcers, or belligerently yelling at the random pop economist-historian that spews nonsense on the prime-time Bloomberg programming a la In the Loop or Taking Stock.

Being somewhat nonplussed with the recent lows my intellectual pursuits had probed, I resolved to ameliorate the below-trend levels of intellectual activity my faculties had witnessed. I have been reading more. My literary interests have still been dormant in this mini-renaissance that I am engineering and witnessing; so far I have limited myself to reading blogs that were my erstwhile hangouts. Twitter, interestingly enough, has served well for the purposes of finding such reading material, and I will vouch for its utility as a tool for exploring intellectual interests.

My mornings and evenings now feature some time dedicated to this pursuit, regardless of when I wake up or retire for the day. The satisfaction of intellectual stimulation feels good! If you readers haven’t found an intellectual pursuit, I’d encourage you to find something. It’s a refreshing break from the torpor-inducing humdrum of daily life. It’ll also make you connect with others on a more meaningful level.

At the very least, follow the ACF way and read a book [NSFW – your colleague may appreciate the message, but not the language.]

And no, I didn’t try too hard to come up with the words in this post.