Just Another Update

by Gilbert Keith

It feels a little weird that I didn’t write anything for the entire month of March, so here’s an attempt to update the world about things that’ve happened.

Classes are going fine. I’m just finishing up with classwork for most of them.This is what I have left to do for the remainder of the week:
*Clean up code for final CSCI lab and submit it.
*Finish Value Function Iteration for Quant Macro and submit it.
*Finish Macro Policy project and write up, and then submit it.
*Finish editing senior paper and submit it.
*Finish up 2 20 point assignments for renewable energy class (i.e. about 4 hours of work.)

My weight training class has concluded, and suffice it to say that I learnt a lot from this class. I think I can comfortably bench 75-85 pounds now, and do several pushups, which is something I’ve never been able to accomplish. My legs are also feeling good, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to do a lot of squats. Sometime this summer I’m going to start on the 200 squats challenge and finish it, which would be awesome.

I am still in the job-search. I’m hoping to hear back from Epic, a company I applied to last month. I hope it’s good news I hear when I get a call from them. If not, I’ll keep at it with the job hunt, and post with regular updates.

In other quizbowl-related things, we came in second at both ICT and ACF Nationals – the endings were kind of disappointing at both tournaments, but I guess there is nothing more I can do about it. With those tournaments I have effectively concluded my participation in the “regular” quizbowl circuit. I will play some masters tournaments here and there, but I think that will be all that I’ll do atleast for a while.

PACE NSC is looming near. The tournament is on the first weekend of June, and it’ll be hosted on the Northwestern University Campus. I’ve staffed at previous NSCs, but this is the first one that I’ll bet running, so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m glad that I’m working with Andrew on this, and I think it should be a great tournament.

I attempted to make Mishti Doi today. Currently the bowl is sitting in a cupboard, waiting to set. Hopefully it turns into yummy stuff, because I’m going to be disappointed otherwise.