Fall 2010 Progress

by Gilbert Keith

Fall Semester 2010 has been going pretty well so far. I thought my classes would be abominable, but I’m liking them. That is a good thing. It appears that this semester will involve a lot more reading and writing than usual, but my plan to keep on top of the reading is working out well, and I’m actively thinking of topics that I could use for papers. I think I might have some trouble with the Shakespeare class, since I’m not particularly used to critical read the way it’s done in class, but I guess it’s worth a shot. I won’t be sad if it’s my only B for this semester.

I’m also being about as active physically as I thought I could be. I have slacked off a little in the last couple of days, but hey, I biked home today and took a solid ride on Tuesday instead of my usual runs. I am planning to run the Fargo Half-Marathon on October 9, so preparation for that must begin in earnest come tomorrow.

Quizbowl looks like its going to be all right. We’ve had some solid young players coming in, and writing for MO is going in earnest. I hope that we have some packets by the end of this week so that we can begin editing stuff pretty soon as well.

I have more plans for Do It Green! this year, and I think we have the interest and the capabilities of making something big out of it. The plan is to go on a recruiting hunt by doing many tabling sessions at dorms and at Coffman Union. I hope that we find enough members to sustain the chapter for the years to come.

Lab is going all right. I think it’s time for me to move on to some greener pastures and find a position in another lab where I can have greater responsibilities. But, until I get there, I’m not going to leave this position.