Sitting in a cafe

by Gilbert Keith

What with this new found joy of a million hour battery life (okay, it’s closer to 8, which is about 6 times higher than what I’ve been used to previously) I’ve begun to actually spend time outside of my room working on things. I hated lugging around the tablet since its battery life was shit and any odd movements set off a non-stop ghost clicking run that was only solved by putting the computer to sleep for a few minutes and then reusing it. I’ve pretty much been using this laptop off the charger continuously since 2:30 PM today, and the battery info tells me I still have about 32% of battery life remaining. I’ve been using the internet for 4.5 of the 6 hours (Firefox with ~10 tabs open + Yoono), Adobe Reader (4 10 page pdfs), and MS Word (2 3-page Doc files.)

This is simply amazing. I wonder why I ever got the stupid tablet instead of a netbook in the first place. I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Its a great thing to be not sitting in my room, bored, waiting for pdfs to load on the glacially slow Argyle internet.

Everything comes with its costs though… I’ve spent $5 on coffee for two days now. At this rate, it would be nearly $1000 over 1 year, which I cannot afford! Maybe if I got more of the cheapest coffee on the menu (which is ~2.00 with tax) I can cut down the spending to $730. Still… $730 is 73% as bad as $1000. Or, maybe it’s 27% better than $1000. Who knows… Either way, it’s a huge hole burner in the wallet.

I hereby resolve that no more that no more than 1% of my annual discretionary spending will occur in coffee shops. i.e. I now need to spend 495 dollars on other things before I spend a penny in Expresso Expose. Sigh.