Best Links of the day 1/11/10

by Gilbert Keith

1. From the Business Standard: “Aal izz well… or is it?” – I kind of got the feeling that there is still a fair amount of confusion over what Bollywood movies should be. This Jai Arun Singh guy voices it pretty well, IMO.
2. From Whimsley: “Digital Activism: If Information Is Not the Problem, Information is Not the Solution” – An excellent post likens the use of technology to further democratic causes in authoritarian countries as an arms race. There is further analysis of how trust among activists may be more valuable than just the flow of information in making these causes successful.
3. From the Economist: “Worth a Hill of Soyabeans” – This article is basically offering some macro and anecdotal evidence on how the introduction of technologies like cellular communication and internet has made pricing mechanisms in developing markets (especially agriculture) more efficient. The interesting thing, I thought, is that ITC, a company discussed in the article has opened grocery stores named “Choupal,” too.

That is all for today. Pretty short. I have classes starting tomorrow (Yes, I am taking a Mass Spec class during the last week of Winter break) so my activities on the blog may be muted. Nevertheless, I should have some interesting links to post, even if they are unaccompanied by descriptions.