Best Links of the Day

by Gilbert Keith

I think this should start being a semi-regular feature so that I will stop clicking on the Retweet button on Twitter/Twidroid. Perhaps, if I have the time, I can include some summaries of what’s going on as well.

1. From Calculated Risk: “Daily Show: Moment of Zen” – basically, this is a link to a short clip form a 2006 interview by John Stewart. The “prediction” in there had to be genius.
2. From Mashable: “Eureka Earthquake: Twitter Pics Tell the Story [PHOTOS]” – I thought this was a pretty cool article as it highlighted the ability of people to use services such as twitter to convey useful information in case of emergencies. Especially when news crews are late to react, citizens can help put out useful info on the web. Of course, this means that there could easily be information overload. I am especially annoyed by the rather stupid approach taken by outlets such as NDTV who feel the need to write 7 updates per second for each semi-unfortunate thing that happens ’round the world.
3. From the NYTimes: “Recession Spurs Interest in Graduate, Law Schools” – To quote Rob Carson, “that’s not surprising.” The numbers seem to me quite staggering, though. A 20% increase in the number of people taking the LSAT is rather large! A sudden rise of that magnitude means that competition for law school admissions in 2010 has gotta be much, much higher.
4. From CalculatedRisk: “Eurozone Unemployment also at 10%” – Numbers are grim overall for the EU, too. It is rather variable from country to country, but most countries have higher unemployment than a year ago.
5. From the BBC: “How online life distorts privacy rights for all” – This article talks about how, as everyone starts putting up intimate details of his/her life online, the expectations of privacy automatically diminish. “When our reasonable expectations diminish, as they have, by necessity our legal protection diminishes.”
6. From The Daily Dish: For the Record – This basically offers a map of the US comparing states in which gay marriage is legal to states in which marriage between first cousins is legal. It’s not pleasant.

Also, I am kind of annoyed with how my Twitter lists are working out. Twidroid doesn’t seem to be all that friendly with lists. In twidroid, the lists open up fine; I can open my Economics list, click on a link from a post in, say, Dr. Thoma’s feed pretty well. When I try to come back to Twidroid, though, I have to reload the list, which is very bothersome. The other unfortunate thing is that Twitter doesn’t allow me to create an RSS feed for my economics list. Maybe there’ll be a workaround for this.