by Gilbert Keith

It seemed like the world turned over today; or maybe it was just that the people/media I follow on twitter were just creaming over the CES show in Vegas. Google launched the Nexus One, T-mobile upgraded its network (I’m now getting ~1 mbps download speeds, which means that it might just be worth it to tether my laptop to my phone in my apt.), etc. There have also been some pretty interesting things floating around. People managing the Philip K. Dick estate are not too happy with the Android/Nexus-One connection, and the BSE index has regained its Feb 2008 levels. In obviously beeeeeeees related incidents, some guy who likes honey a lot is probably going to suffer hell for the remainder of the week.

At the same time, I felt very, let’s say, disconnected. I really didn’t care about what was going on around me. I pretty much ended up just writing a few tossups for MUT, enquiring about the Language Proficiency Exam for graduation requirements, watching some of Dr. Thoma’s lecture videos on youtube, and … nothing else. I took too long to write the MUT questions, but maybe this is to be expected, due to the multitude of distractions around me. I didn’t continue reading about the Economic History of India, which was not a smart thing. Tomorrow, after I go about sending the emails that I was planning on sending, I will finish reading Chapt. 2 of that book and write a post summarizing the main points.

In general, people seem to be happy about 2010, which is a good thing overall. I am particularly looking forward to what the year has in store for employment prospects. There are a couple of job-related events which are coming up in Jan and Feb that I’m planning on attending, and the possibility of awesome summer research internships is also exciting. I am sure there is still cause for concern, what with the several warnings about sluggish employment growth in 2010. Prof. Veglia had suggested that I not worry about jobs so much; he suggested that I rather focus on doing well with my basics in the sciences, learn the right lab techniques, have a solid foundations of the theories in chem/physics/mathematics so that I can have a better base before I enter grad school. Dad suggested that I look at something like the Peace Corps so that I can have a phase in which I have a mindset predisposed towards expansionary ideas rather than contract myself into the sciences.

All that said, there are still a few months left for those decisions to be made. In the meanwhile, I need to focus on finishing up my Statement of Purpose and other writeables for internship apps. I also got an email today from Rita Garni at the Biochem Office about a course in Mass Spectrometry that is going to be offered next week; registrations are open, and I think it might be a good exercise to learn a new technique. I will thus continue to keep myself busy this week.

My plan of writing 100/100 for MUT ain’t happening, but I’m pretty sure that I can atleast get to 50 tossups, which isn’t all that bad. Assuming we produce 15 packets, that’s still about 1/6th of the total number of tossups that we need to produce, which can only be good.