Reflections and ToDos for 12/28

by Gilbert Keith

Here’s the ToDo list first:
1. Go to Coffman and take care of the boxing situation in the MPAC office.
2. Pay cheque at Dinnaken.
3. Catch up with people at Chipotle, and watch Sherlock Holmes.
4. Send emails to Profs.
5. Keep working on The Wild Duck.
6. Figure out how to tether the G1 to laptop for internet access during road trips.
7. Send computer in at BestBuy.
8. Backup computer in its current state.
9. Look at the stargazing schedule

I’m finding it difficult to keep myself motivated with writing projects for quizbowl. I think I can churn out the ~100/100 that I need to write before the 19th of Jan. Heck, all I really need to do is to write 5/5 per day. Once I get off track, though, I’m screwed. I’m sure I won’t be able to write anything for the few days I’m going to be in Detroit or traveling.