Why Facebook Search Sucks

by Gilbert Keith

I used to like the old Facebook search. It helped me find people.

Even if the person I’d just met in 1301W physics lab was a sophomore named Michael, or if it was an Emily in WRIT 1401, I could find them based on their major and their year in school (which I usually ask about when I meet people.) The old facebook search allowed you to enter in that information as a filter, so you could find your Michael or Emily from 10 people who fit the info rather than from 700. Back in the day, people filled out this info, too, which made them much easier to find.

The thing with the new Facebook search is that you can only narrow down based on name, location, institution, and workplace. It seems to do a good job letting me know of all the Emilys that exist on the UMN network. This is a pretty uneecessary thing, since Onestalk already does that for me. Perhaps I should begin to start asking Emily “where have you worked before?,” or “what’s your current location on your Facebook profile?” instead of “what’re you majoring in” and stuff.

I’m also wondering if it’d be possible to implement a system where I can search for people based on “who else they know” rather than from 3 generic parameters. For instance, if I met an undergraduate at the U from a Sonu Nigam concert, it’s highly likely that this person is a member of the Indian Student Association who’d also be friends with some of my other friends from ISA. I could obviously go to the profile page of my friends from ISA and look within their friends, but this takes too much time and effort. Alternatively, if I could just specify in my search that ‘I’m looking for a Vivek who likely knows Rahul, Ajay, or Siddharth’ I could narrow down my list of Viveks pretty easily.


EDITED second paragraph.