To Do List for 12/26

by Gilbert Keith

1. Clear off the remainder of snow and buy a bunch of driveway salt.
2. Pick up mother from Airport.
3. Read the play that I was reading earlier.
4. Make a list of people involved in bioremediation/microbio-related energy fields for summer internship. This is taking much longer than I thought. I’ll have to continue this tmrw.
5. Put down the dates for the various career fairs on calendar.
5.a. Sci Engg Fair: Employers List Page 1 and Page 2
5.b. Various Useful Websites: Job fair Workshop, CBS Mentoring Program,
5.c. UM Job fair: Website. Remember to check back for more info.
6. Clean up rooms. (God, some of this mess is unbearable.)
7. Start on application for CBS Scholarships.
8. Iron clothes if I still have the time. (probably good to watch a movie concurrently.) – I am SICK of loud Indian movies. I’m not watching them anymore unless I go to a theatre.
9. Plan some social activities for quizbowl.
10. Buy more tortillas to consume the pound of black beans in the fridge. – Pushed back to later because mother came back with a bunch of stuff.