I wish to see more bio tossups like these

by Gilbert Keith

I came up with this idea as I was studying for my Cell Bio final and I executed it rather quickly. I’m sure there are people out there who can make good tossups like this:

This characteristic is possessed by cells that help resorb bone, which are called osteoclasts. Certain HERV sequences aid in the formation of placenta by promoting helping the fusion of cytotrophoblasts so that they have this property. In drosophila development, the embryo has this property until it performs a co-ordinated cytokinesis called cellularization. For 10 points–identify this term which describes skeletal muscle cells as they possess more than one copy of the genome.
ANSWER: multinucleate [accept equivalents; accept synctia or syncytium; do not accept polyploidy]

It obviously needs more polish (the words in the middle are somewhat confusing) but I’d rather work on MUT tossups right now. I still need to write 6 more to reach my goal of 10 tossups for the day.