Updating the blog

by Gilbert Keith

Ever since I started Tweeting, I’ve kind of forgotten about this blog. It’s time to rectify that. I need to start writing more, and I probably need start focusing more on ideas I have about the future. Only recently have I started thinking deeply about how much I really love learning and how much various media have an effect on my daily life. I’m only beginning to realize what it means to have ubiquitous access to internet, and how utilizing all of it effectively can really do a lot to improve my understanding of the world.


Over this Winter break, as I write a million questions to keep up to my quizbowl commitments, I’ll do my best to think about how I can write about various things I have been thinking about. These topics may include: basketball, cell biology, technology and gadgets, economics blogs, twitter, Stanford lectures on statistical mechanics, writing large numbers of tossups, etc.