I just thought this needs some writing down

by Gilbert Keith

(1:48:09 AM) Gautam: I realized I may be winning in quizbowl when it comes to ratio of hours spent on writing questions this year to hours spent playing at a tournament
(1:48:18 AM) Gautam: INFINITY.
(1:48:19 AM) Carson, Rob: heh
(1:48:21 AM) Carson, Rob: oh god
(1:48:46 AM) Carson, Rob: yeah, you didn’t go to EFT or play at any MO stuff and you won’t play at fall or tt or IO
(1:48:49 AM) Carson, Rob: jesus

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(10/22/2008 1:39:25 AM) Gautam: man, quiz bowl
(1:40:57 AM) Carson, Rob: I know right
(1:44:07 AM) Gautam: yeah all this craziness deserves a break
(1:44:36 AM) Carson, Rob: I cannot wait to be done with fall
(1:45:16 AM) Gautam: after that I am going to attempt a 0 quizbowl regimen until GINVIt
(1:45:48 AM) Gautam: no practices, no questions, no IRC, no hsquizbowel

yeah, seriously. How cool would that be?