Freshman Seminars

by Gilbert Keith

These are arguably the most interesting options:

ECON 1905 – Game Theory and Human Nature – 230-345 Tu,Th

CHEM 1905 – My Other Car is a Bicycle – 330-510 M

CHEM 1905 – How do Chemists Study Biology? – 330-510 W

AMST 1905 – Boomtown and Borderlands: Life on the US-Mexico Border 125-240 M,W

AST 1905 – Nothing – 335-530 Tu

“Nothing” sounds interesting because it’s probably going to be about black holes. However, that means I shall have class on Tuesdays from 8:30 AM – 10:00PM almost non-stop. Same is the case with Game Theory, but I wouldn’t mind being tired Tu night just because Game theory is pimp. The two chem ones also seem very good. The bicycle one is my current fav because I like to bike around and my bicycle is my other car a lot of times in the summer. The chemists studying biology is also interesting. I will try to see what kind of stuff is discussed in that class. The boomtowns one, every time I think about that I’m reminded of Mr. Raths and El Norte. That is the only real charm of the class. I don’t want to end up taking a freshman seminar which requires me to write stuff every week, and non-science ones are really good at making students write.