Reflections on Nature of Life

by Gilbert Keith

I liked NoL; those were three good days spent up by Lake Itasca. The faculty was good, the mentors were good, and so were the classes. I liked the limnology class. I think I learned more about any and everything than  ever have done while gathering data. You can see the marked difference between the photosynthetic algae in the epilimnion and the non-photosynthetic organisms of the bottom. The bottom ones appear much redder while the top ones are obviously very green. Also, the Van Dorn bottles are pemp devices for sampling water, and I couldn’t get enough of repeating that open-drop-close the lid-pick up-filter water thing. I would have liked to spend more time taking similar classes that others had, especially the peat bog one. Otherwise, it was fun staying up till 12:00 everday, playing catchphrase and Apples to Apples, etc. Good times.