Busy Times

by Gilbert Keith

God.. the last month has been so busy: Nationals, End of Year, Grad Parties, Work at Adayana, Detroit, My own grad party, moving, packing, frustration, anxiety, ice not fitting in coolers, foamy root beer, etc.

That seems to have come to an end… time to focus on those goals I’ve been setting. I’m one third of my way thru 100 years of solitude, and this time, I am beginning to recognize and understand the magical realism/solitude themes.

Tuesday QB practise is going ok. The tossups i’ve written for this week might just be extremely terrible; I’ll leave that to the audience to judge. I’m beginning to like the organizing tournaments/writing questions part of it than actually playing QB.

On a completely tangential topic: Golmaal is the worst Hindi movie. Ever. Ajay Devgan jokes are not funny, AT ALL… especially when they come from Ajay Devgan himself. And directors need to stop elongating unnecessary scenes and putting RIDICULOUS plot twists. It was significantly worse than Tarantino’s half of Grindhouse. Lame.