Excellent Competition

by Gilbert Keith

A very hearty congratulations to all those who participated in the HSNCT. Given that we attended it the first time, we did an awesome job. Getting 13th and 21st is no small accomplishment. The fact that the C-team went 3-7 is no joke either. I know you had a lot of fun, and your support was just great! I am sure that those who will return next year will be better off now that they have a feel for what is like, and I wish best luck to all those who return the next year.

Anant, Colin, Gaurav, Igor, Manuel, Michael, Parry, Sam, Steven: I expect a better, if not equal, performance from you next year! I will be there reading for you and measuring your progress!

Highlights: Winning against TJ and losing to Maggie Walker. I now know what it feels like to be owned. Doppler effect, Daffodils, Krishna, Crown Ethers, Estonia, and 37. Igor. Broccoli Linguine pasta. Aeroplanes. TV thing. Giordano’s veggie pizza.


1. Maggie Walker
2. State College
3. Dorman & TJ
5. Whitman, Wilmington Charter, and Montgomery
8. Troy, Dorman B, DCC, Santa Monica, Gonzaga
13. Moravian, Walnut Hills, TJ B, NKC, East Lansing, MLK, Eden Prairie, New Trier
21. Eden Prairie B, Pingry, James Island, Chattahoochee, Georgetown, Shady Side, Cave Spring, Stuyvesant, State College B, Brindlee Mountain B, Aiken, Minnetonka
33. Wayzata, Lisgar, Livingston, Montgomery B, Hunter, MW B, St Ignatius, Bergen, Rancho Bernardo, MNH, Arcadia, Dunbar, Wheaton North, Maine South, Brookwood, Raleigh Charter
49. Arcadia B, Danville, Wayzata B, East Lansing B, DeLaSalle, Ransom Everglades, Columbus, Bloomington, George Mason, Norcross, Pensacola, Parkview, Garfield Heights