by Gilbert Keith

Seven buildings on the East Bank campus are in the process of being evacuated due to a bomb threat.  They include: Kohltoff, Smith, Frasier, Johnston and Morrill Halls as well as Walter Library and the Science Classroom Building.  All classes and meetings in these buildings have been canceled for the remainder of the day.  Students are asked to return to their residence halls or their off-campus housing. Please do not congregate in the Mall area.

As an offical announcement from the University, Smith and SciCB are closed untill 10PM. No exam can be held in these buildings and therefore the exam will be postponed.

I STRONGLY suggest that everyone returns to their residence halls or where ever you live and stay away from these buildings. Best of luck to everyone and hopefully we’ll get through this.

WHOA. What’s happening around here? I just had a talk with Mr. Welshons yesterday about safety in schools/colleges and this comes up. Let’s hope everything is rectified soon.