Knowledge Bowl State – Day 2

by Gilbert Keith


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!1!!!1!!! I am so happy right now, you can’t comprehend the magnitude of my happiness. That said, I am equally happy of the fact that we were second today, although we didn’t have as much competition in the second round. The tournament was okay. I mean, it was about as good as it was last year. I have to admit that a few minutes last night were among the funniest minutes in my life. Video to follow. Coming back to the tournament, we came in second with 130 points, trailing the Champs, St. Anthony by around 15 points. The fact that we wouldn’t win was sort of decided since the beginning of the year.. I mean, Knowledge Bowl! ACHEKA! The Questions were MUCH easier than those in other tournaments we had been to. There were less geology questions, but those were accounted for by the presence of A LOT OF speed traps. I mean, what the hell? Are we being tested for our ability to navigate forking paths which fork infinite times at every node? From the next time on, I am going to advice people to think of every possible related thing and provide all those things in the answer. OK, now. I am on the bus as I write it. The wi-fi is pretty awesome, actually, and I am enjoying the 1 gbps speed. 🙂

Will have some DQ to celebrate the success!