“Volunteering” at ICT 2007

by Gilbert Keith

Volunteering at the ICT was a great experience. It wasn’t exactly volunteering since we are going to be paid in terms of packets, but since we don’t personally gain anything material, I think it is ok to call it volunteering. Anyhoo, I kept score in a Div I room on the first day, and man, it was TOUGH. I actually thought of scorekeeping because I would be able to answer questions in my head. That didn’t happen at the Div I level. I did get all of the Linux, India, and Ochem questions, though. šŸ™‚ On the second day, I asked to be switched to the Div II level and that was much easier. I thought the questions were much easier than those from last year. I mean, they were more like HSNCT level with a slightly increased level of obscurity. The boni were kinda hard, but each one had a giveaway part to it, in my opinion. If I were to play by myself, I would have scored ~ 12 ppb, I think. We really wanted to scrimmage against some team, but we were so tired and we all had an overdose of QB in the weekend, so we just decided to go home.

On that note, I think I am only going to do QB in college for two years. I mean, looking at the Div I questions, there’s basically no way I am going to study all that stuff or bother reading all those books.Ā  I would like to see challenging tossups about relatively general things and not IMPOSSIBLE ones about obscure things. But then again, like Trevor said, that trivializes the questions.. I was really surprised about the first question in the Div I u-grad final. I got it within 5 words, and I don’t know why nobody buzzed in early enough on that.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Carleton, UChicago and U of Maryland on their excellent performance. I would also like to congratulate Andrew Hart, Brendan Byrne, and Ezra Lyon on getting into the top-8. šŸ™‚