by Gilbert Keith

—– Spoiler Warning——-

Ok. My first R movie in the theatre and my first movie in the last three months also.. :*) and I have two say I have two reactions to it. Hilarious! and WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?

The plot was pretty retarded and insignificant in both the parts. But then again, isn’t it the same in every movie where one doesn’t think with the brain? I don’t think Cwod’s analysis guideline would have come handy in ANY part of the movie.

The prevues were so retarded that they were amusing. The best one I thought was Machete, followed by Thanksgiving, follwed by SS Werewolf whatever.

The first part was the better one, I thought. The story was funny enough and there was an Indian guy in there! 🙂 I don’t think I have ever seen as much blood and other “bodily fluids” as was present in the movie. After watching that part, though I will confess that I value my private parts more than ever. I didn’t understand why the two people were gettin’ cozy when they were supposed to be saving the world, but the “missing reels” part that followed was funny. The woman with the machine gun leg was the best part of it!

The second part was very lame, I thought, mostly because it was predictable, and also because I didn’t understand stuntman whoever. Like, what person randomly obliterates a gal who has just given him a lapdance? (note: missing reel.) Anyhoo, the ending became really predictable. I liked that Kiwi girl in there. She seemed more like a boy with that angular face and the weird voice (regardless of her tomboy antics).

Anyway, that was that. Kinda lame, but gave me a good laugh.