High schoolers turn in plagiarism screeners for copyright infringement

by Gilbert Keith

High schoolers turn in plagiarism screeners for copyright infringement

The following is a brief account of how I came across this article:

I was very hungry and expressed that sentiment to my mother. Consequently, she asked me about my preferences on dinner, and presented me with the options of Domino’s, Pizza Hut (deliveries) or any of the restaurants nearby. I asked her about her stance on “reproductive rights,” because, quite obviously Domino’s founder guy supports (financially) the Pro-Life movement. And I do not care whether or not Domino’s currently supports Pro-Life movements, for that is another matter. Coming to the point, I googled about Pizza Hut and their relation to such issues.

Interestingly enough, this is what I ended up with:

Interesting case, this is. And that it should be put forth by some high school students! These plagiarism checks aren’t effective anyway because they often end up reporting matches on vague websites that aren’t pertinent to the essay topic. I can say so because I clearly remember Mrs. Goertz showing us these matches last year. If at all one really did use an external source, he would be STUPID to not cite it. What’s more: for most of the essays I wrote, my topic was very specific and significantly different from those of my peers. By necessity, it eliminates cheating among students.

What do you feel?

Hunger persists. Gautam.