Here come the Super 8s

by Gilbert Keith

….. Minus India and Pakistan. Who would have thought that two of the best teams would be pwned out of the initial stages?

Well, I don’t care how the ratings change as a consequence of this stupid performance but I do hope these people LEARN something.
1. Complacency = bad. Don’t ever let Bangladesh beat you again, for Jadeja’s sake.
2. 7 Good batsmen = doesn’t guarantee a good batting performance, especially when some have consistently failed in their last umpteen performances.
3. Don’t reserve spots for old people. i mean, make these youngsters play a lot more, especially against the A teams. Why the hell do we have the same batting line up as we did three years ago? Don’t we have new, good batsmen?
4. Better train bowlers. I mean, come on, our bowling line up sucks ass right now. What happened to the brilliant performance 4 years ago?
5. Play 5 specialist bowlers. How many times do I reiterate that?
6. Follow 1-5.
7. Get rid of Jagmohan Dalmiya and stupid selectors. Indian folk, can’t you please see something is done to this effect?