Voicing my frustrations

by Gilbert Keith

#1. I am to write a paper describing a renaissance artist and his works.
#2. I am assigned Hieronymus Bosch.
#2a. Hieronymus Bosch was born in “`s-Hertogenbosch.” That is one of the most HILARIOUS names I have ever seen. I mean, the name has an apostrophe in it!
#3. Bosch was a fucking MEDIEVAL artist, for God’s sake! He was basically a dude on acid who decided to paint these picture of eagle and crab headed people, who thought painting pictures with people shitting, vomiting and fornicating was KINKY and didn’t consider them to be sins. I mean, come on; do you still believe all that crap they told you in Art History 101 (Read: AP Euro and Humanities)?
#4. I am having a hard time convincing myself to write this paper because I keep talking about how medieval he was and how he couldn’t think straight.

Goddamn. I am going to complain tomorrow.