by Gilbert Keith

I like how Cwod is so inept at managing time. We had our Anthem test today when almost all other classes administered it on Wednesday. Then again, we spent about 4 days in the pursuit of watching Mr. Smith Goes To Washington which should have taken only two days. The good thing about that is we don’t have due dates at all, really. He says “they’re due in two days” or something and collects them after 4 days.

The Anthem test today was really stupid. Some of the questions aren’t questions at all – they are statements. I don’t know what I am to do with them. He also said that some of the questions are “open to interpretation” and that there are multiple right answers to it. That destroys the entire purpose of multiple choice tests, goddamnit.

Anyway, his lectures are interesting. I probably enjoyed his lecture today than any other from any other teacher. He does make me think, at least more than I did under the tutelage of other teachers in the past.

Ok. That was a weird post. Time to sleep.