10 Things I <3 about the shiz.

by Gilbert Keith

The HP dv9040us is pretty PIMP. I got it a few days ago and it runs by the book. Here some things I like about it:

1. Super fast processor: Do a lot of stuff and nothing crashes. I was was extracting a video from a DVD and simultaneously talking with friends, browsing the web and listening to music. You can’t beat that, can you

2. I
3. Although it’s pretty big, this machine doesn’t weigh 50 tons. Rather, it adds on a mere 7.8 pounds to my load, which is much lighter than the Campbell or the Wade textbook.

4. The finish is very smooth. It feels nice to use the touchpad… much better than other laptops i’ve used.

5. All the ports are well placed. There’s nothing on the rear end, and the remaining space on either sides is well utilised.

6. There’s a nice, compact Media Card Reader which reads every format imaginable.

7. There’s an integrated Webcam and microphone, which is good for Skype-ing.

8. This Media Center laptop comes with a a remote-control for the media center application and a Tv-tuner card (with an independent remote control… so this machine definitely CAN substitute a TV)

9. The keyboard has a numpad 🙂

10. read 1-9.